Spring festival 春节 is soon!

It is my great pleasure to participate in Chinese New year celebration in Helsinki next week! 



Welcome to see some of my paintings there on January 24 from 16:00 to 20:00. My place nr is 12.

If the weather will be not very freezing I will perform some ink paintings on the spot, too.

There will be some of ceramic figurines of Chinese theme, like beautiful flute playing girls and dragons, and even small cups and pendants.

A Story about the Flower

I want to share here a story about my flower. I am keeping it for more than a month by now. It inspired me to paint a portrait of it and a short inscription in Chinese characters, which says: “Mary started to keep a flower at her home. In two weeks’ time it had more and more blossoms. Mary was so happy about it. But her thoughts weren’t peaceful. – “My dear flower… How long can you keep me company?” – Flower’s life is short. “Can’t do anything, stay as long as you wish.””